Michigan- Feenstra Guide Service

 We are proud to partner with Feenstra Guide Service and their unique Fishery of The Muskegon River. 

 The Newaygo Area is a great place to visit whether you are coming from near or from far. For the angler, Newaygo County has a great resource, the Muskegon River. In addition, many small streams and lakes provide good fishing.

For those times that you are not angling, Lake Michigan is only 40 miles away from Newaygo. This inland sea is the source migratory fish entering the Muskegon River system. It also has great sport fishing opportunities. The sheer beauty of the Great Lakes is amazing, and there are wonderful beaches for tourists during summer months.


 Please contact Kevin Feenstra Direct. 

[email protected]

Phone: (231) 652-3528

 Guide Rates

$375.00  Per Day /  1 or 2 Anglers & Boat 

Includes: Rods, Reels, Flies &  Hot Shore Lunch.


Upon Booking a trip, a $150 depostit is required.

Payment Methods Accepted: Personal Check, Credit Card by phone or email, Paypal


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